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Aww, this game was really cute (as long as you choose the cutsie actions, i couldn't be mean to him though), it was... strangely adorable lmao

I have played more creepypasta dating game's than i care to admit, i tease quite abit in this video, but its honestly the most polised game in this niche that i have played 

I absolutely loved playing this game. I couldnt bring myself to be mean to him, I also loved all the different choices!

this game is PERFECT for eyeless jack fangirls. im KINDA one of them.

this was fun


oooo please make more of the creepypasta characters this was so good

~eyeless jack~

This sure brings back wistful memories of when I was in Creepy Pasta fandom.... *blowing imaginary smoke*

I send many congratulations for your team making me emotional with E.J's adorableness and sensitivity here (AND those romantic BGM didn't help either, ESPECIALLY that instrumental of "Mystery of Love", that song gets soft spot in my heart :'D )

N.B. I'm a little bit curios for where that "Reference" come from....

I really enjoyed it. It had some funny moments.


Had fun playing this XD

Really liked this game! Had a blast! 

i love the game! doki doki lit vibes -3-

It was...I was questioning myself as I was playing this game, and it wasn't really bad. The writing was good and also the music wasn't some crappy stock song (in my opinion). If you want to check out my reaction! It's in the 2nd part of the video I made here.

fun game over all :)

HEY YOU! Are you looking to download and play this marvelous game? Oh you're not. Okay then but still, you need something to watch while you wait in the waiting room of your doctor appointment well here you go! (I'm super sorry about the flashing, IDK WTF happened!)


that dar.k  color clothes is disgusting as well as eyes and the name of the game , put something cute on him and an nnice color pink , white , orange then we have an adorable men to date

Deleted 163 days ago

I Enjoyed This Game Very Much and The Comical Aspects.. Good Job